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Tips to Grow Your Beard

It is increasingly a part of this time to grow a beard. The biggest reason why men do this is to get the taste of women. Leaving a beard is a sign of masculinity. Indirectly this also stands for a symbol of power. But how do you handle your beard if you want it to grow as quickly as possible? This takes time and patience. Regardless of whether your hair grows fast or slow, you can unfortunately not have much influence on this. This depends on your age and is genetically determined. Nevertheless, we can give you some tips to ensure that your beard hairs grow in good health. Scotch Porter , This makes a beard appear fuller and longer.


Sleep and eat enough

To make your beard grow faster, it is important that you get enough sleep, drink lots of water, eat healthily and experience as little stress as possible. What you can also do is follow a diet with as many protein products as possible. It also makes a difference if you get a lot of vitamins and minerals. However, the most important thing is that you experience as little stress as possible. Because this is not only bad for your beard growth, it can also cause hair loss. Moreover, stress causes more physical complaints.

Set realistic expectations

If you want to grow your beard, your expectations may be too high. For example, you should take into account a few days if you want to create a beginner’s beard and a few weeks before you really want to grow a beard. The beard will also itch after a few days, you have to go through this. You can greatly reduce the itch by using a good beard oil. You can also keep an eye on how your beard grows. After all, not everyone is blessed with beautiful, full beard growth. For example, if you have a few bald spots, it’s better to keep your beard short.

Work with the beard growth that you have

You must use the facial hair that you have. Because if your beard growth is not as far as you want, it does not mean that you do not have to maintain it. Therefore make sure you keep it in good shape. This way you can trim it with a good trimmer. What is also important is the fact that you keep your contours tight. This is also a trick to make your beard look a lot fuller and longer. Men’s Beard Kit

Take good care of your beard hair

It is important to keep your beard in good condition. You can achieve this by regularly treating your hair with a beard shampoo. It also helps to apply a layer of beard oil every day. Also massage the beard oil well over the skin under the beard. Because healthy skin indirectly also ensures a healthy beard. You can also occasionally visit a barber. This person can give you more tips and answer any questions. He can also recommend good care products.

The four key words for permanent weight loss

Permanent weight loss means to lose weight until you reach your goal weight and then stay at this target weight. With permanent weight loss it is very important that you have the right setting. Losing weight means that you also have to have everything in order.

Losing weight happens in the body but weight loss starts in the brain. Permanent weight loss will never be achieved if the will is not there to actually achieve this. This is also the reason that billions are spent worldwide on the physical side to lose weight, but that more and more adults and children are becoming overweight .

Achieving and maintaining your goal weight is also a mental issue
You can spend as much money on diets and gyms as you want, but you will not achieve permanent weight loss if you do not have the right mental institution to lose weight and stay on top of weight.


Losing weight is not something that happens to you. Every part of your way to lose weight you will have to plan well in advance. Looking want to lose the ways you weight that suit you best as the choice of healthy food, how you want to move, etc. Make a clear plan of how you spend your target weight to achieve and this weight would retain too. Once you have a clear schedule, do your utmost to carry out this planning.


Remember that it took a long time before you reached your current weight. Do not expect that you will quickly reach your target weight and also keep it. By drastically changing your lifestyle , you can lose weight reasonably quickly, but chances are you will not be able to keep this up for long. By gradually changing your lifestyle it takes a little longer before you reach your goal weight but in this way the chance is much higher that you stay on this target weight.


You are a human being and no human being is perfect. If you want to lose weight then that will also go to you with trial and error. Be aware of this and accept it. This will make it less difficult in the difficult periods. With the right attitude and with perseverance you will lose weight and stay on your target weight.

Think positive

If you do not believe 100% in achieving and maintaining your goal weight, you will never achieve it. It’s that simple. You have to be optimistic to achieve your goal. If you think positively and believe in yourself, you can really achieve and maintain your target weight.

Thick ass and full buttocks are healthy

For many women, the buttocks are always a very sensitive subject. Most women are therefore not satisfied with their buttocks and would rather see a few sizes thinner. Yet it is not at all wrong to have nice full buttocks and thighs, in fact: it can even be good for health!

Big ass

Strong buttocks and wide hips the one likes it and the other finds it horrible. Well, you can not argue about taste, and that’s a good thing too. Even women who have a wide and full buttocks have to assume different note, for some it is a big problem and others find their bodies including their firm round buttocks fine. Research by the University of Oxford and the Harvard Medical School shows that a thick butt can protect against heart disease and diabetes.


Almost all women know: fat storage on hips and thighs burns very slowly. This is not so nice for the line but for health it is very good. The hormone adiponectin is produced by the slow burning of the fat on the hips. Adiponectin stimulates a better balance of blood sugar levels which protects against diabetes mellitus type 2.

Heart and vascular disease

Fat cells in the lower body work in a different way than the fat cells in the upper body. Due to their other effect, the bad cholesterol levels (LDL cholesterol) are reduced and the good cholesterol values ??(HDL cholesterol) increase. The extra fat around the buttocks can in this way make a positive contribution to a better cholesterol level. A high level of HDL can inhibit the development of cardiovascular diseases . In addition, hip fat would have an anti-inflammatory effect, as a result of which arteries do not clog.

Why do women have full bottom?

It is generally known that mainly women have to do with round shapes. Especially buttocks and thighs are not spared. But why do not men have this? This has everything to do with testosterone, this hormone suppresses fat storage around hips and thighs in men, men are more likely to belly fat. Women with a slightly higher testosterone content are also more likely to have fat storage around the waist.

Well-known women with full buttocks

Women with a beautiful full buttocks are increasingly appreciated. An example is Jennifer Lopez, almost everyone knows the famous j.lo buttocks . But Beyoncé should not be missing in this list, just like Kim Kardashian.

Different body types

No man is equal and this certainly applies to the physique. One has naturally narrow hips and the other wide hips, this also applies to, for example, the shoulders. The human body can be divided into 4 different types.


With an apple figure people have fat storage around the waist. Usually they have nice slim legs and narrow hips. Often an “apple” has large breasts and broad shoulders.


Someone with a peer figure has narrow shoulders and breasts are not very big. They have a nice slim waist. A “pear” is characterized mainly by broad hips and full buttocks and thighs.


Someone with an hourglass figure has a clear waist and fuller breasts. The fat is evenly distributed throughout the body. Hips and shoulders are about the same width.


An “asparagus” is characterized by few female curves and is built athletically. Are pretty slim. with narrow hips and shoulders.

Apple shape is unhealthy

People with body model “apple” should pay attention to their health. Fat around the abdomen, which is especially common in men, increases the likelihood of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. It is advisable for them to adjust the lifestyle and try to lose a few pounds.


A fat ass is healthy but overweight is and remains unhealthy. If someone naturally full of buttocks then there is nothing wrong. But when extra pounds are added, the harmful abdominal fat also increases.

Take care of your curly beard

Despite all the problems associated with a curly beard, some men still find this more attractive than a straight beard and decide to keep it. In that case it is important to mention that taking care of a curly beard can be challenging but not impossible. Equip yourself with patience and the right products and you are ready to take on the challenge. Beard shampoo, conditioner, oil and balm are indispensable to keep your curly beard clean and hydrated. This applies to all beards, but mainly to curly ones.

Curly facial hair is closer to the skin, which means that all bacteria, accumulations of oil and dirt that get stuck in your beard are also closer to your skin.

To remove all these things it is necessary that you wash a curly beard three times a week with shampoo and conditioner. Beard oil / balm should be used daily, as these will soften your beard and make it easier to tame your curly beard. Beard oil is also very useful to make your beard easier to comb or brush.

Now that we are talking about it, it is important to mention that men with a curly beard should have a qualitative beard comb and brush in their equipment of beard care products. A curly beard has, as mentioned, more tangles and knots and a good comb and brush makes it easier to remove. A beard comb with wide teeth is best for curly beards, while a brush with bristles will tame the frizzle and make it supple, without your facial hair pulled out or your skin irritated. Do not use plastic combs or normal brushes as they may damage your beard.

For the best results, you should comb your curly beard once a day and brush once or twice a day. Your beard just before you go to bed is a good way to ensure that it grows in the right direction. This may sound a bit weird at first, because you will wash the beard in the morning. But by regularly repeating this action, your beard will grow the way you want.

A curly beard can quickly become unmanageable, so trimming every three weeks helps to keep the shape and minimize the amount of split ends.

7 absolute make-up tips for larger eyes

I would like to give you some make-up tips for bigger eyes. How can I make my eyes look bigger with make-up?

Big eyes are very nice, but unfortunately not everyone has big eyes. I would like to give you some make-up tips for bigger eyes. Actually how you can make your eye look as big as possible. Thank God there is make-up??

Step to Bigger Eyes with Make-Up Visit Blog

Makeup tips for larger eyes # 1

Eyeshadow choice for larger eyes: White (light color) eyeshadow
Use a white or a light color, a beautiful skin tone tint eyeshadow! Apply this light color over the entire eyelid. Do not forget to turn on the inside of your eye well and also turn the inside a bit downwards. Fade the light color at the bottom along the eyelash edge. The first step for bigger eyes with make-up.

Make-up tips for larger eyes # 2

A darker eyeshadow tint to create depth.
On the outside and on your arcade arch you can put something dark to give more shape and depth to the eye. Your arcade arch is the bone you feel just above your eyelid. Set the outside of your arcade bow down to the eyelash edge. Then blend the eyeshadow nicely to the inside of your eye. So fade it with your brush. Do not forget that dark colors cause something to fall away and light colors make sure that something stands out and comes forward. Therefore it is important that the light color of eyeshadow dominates on the eyelid to create a larger effect for larger eyes.

Makeup tips for larger eyes # 3

Eyeliner for larger eyes: Turn on Kohl pencil three-quarters
For someone with small eyes, I would wear a black one kohl pencil three quarters to apply a very thin line from the outside to the inside and let the line stop in the eyelash edge. Fade it out with a thin brush, so you do not see exactly where the line stops. You can also do this at the bottom. This way you create more definition to the eye and the so-called ‘almond form’ eyes you get forward.
With a liquid eyeliner you have to ensure that you work from the outside to the inside and from thick to thin. Let the eyeliner stop in the eyelash edge. Leave the underside free, or if necessary apply a line with kohl pencil on the outside only three quarters and work it out with a brush or cotton swab so that you do not see where it stops.

Makeup tips for larger eyes # 4

Mascara for larger eyes: Curly eyelashes
Put on the mascara especially on the outside. Start on the outside and then work lightly to the inside of the eye. Really in the corner of my eye I would just tap them and not more, if this remains fairly light it looks bigger. If you do not have curly eyelashes yourself then use an eyelash curler. Curly eyelashes prevent any shadow that the eyelashes can create around the eye. This makes your eye look smaller and that is precisely not the intention.

Make-up tips for larger eyes # 5

Eyebrows for larger eyes: Put them on well and make sure they are long enough.
An eyebrow leaves an eye on its best when it has the right lengths and shape. Make sure your eyebrow on the sides is long enough and starts well at the start. You measure this by holding a brush up your nose and then you see exactly where your eyebrow should start. It starts much later, your eye will also appear smaller. Make sure your wild hairs are nicely epilated at the bottom. Messy and bushy eyebrow hair also makes the eye look smaller. Under the eyebrow you can apply a light shade of eyeshadow or a highlighter to make it look as big as possible. Visit eyebrow growth products to read all about eyebrows?

Make-up tips for larger eyes # 6

Absolute must-have: White kohl pencil for larger eyes.
The white eye pencil that I think should not be missing in your make-up bag will make your eye look bigger. The waterline that you color with the white pencil makes it look like it belongs to your whites and thus creates a larger fresh look. The simplest make-up tip for bigger eyes!

Makeup tips for larger eyes # 7

Flat skin: Apply a nice even base to your face.
– A beautiful smooth skin provides a calm appearance and can make the focus on the eyes look good. The more they come forward the more they stand out. That is what we want to achieve in the end.

Do you have other make-up tips for larger eyes that you use? I’m curious about your opinion, experiences and tips! Do not hesitate and leave them below at the comments … always nice to read!

All Your Need To Know About Eczema

Itching soften immediately? Wherever you are? It’s possible! The brand-new Lipikar anti-itch stick from La Roche-Posay is an absolute essential for anybody with a tendency to atopic eczema. The stick instantly acts on itching and enhances the signs of atopic eczema day after day.

Find out in this article how you can best treat eczema and any items can help you or your kid to live a pleasant life with eczema!

To start with: What is eczema?

Atopic eczema typically begins at a young age. Atopic eczema (likewise called constitutional eczema or neurodermatitis) is a persistent skin condition that causes severe itching. Characteristic of atopic eczema is the development of dry skin patches and skin rash that happens in the event of a break out.

The first indications typically take place around the 3rd month of life. The period of these signs varies from a couple of months to a number of years. In over half of the kids, atopic eczema improves throughout academic year. In most cases, this type of eczema simply disappears around puberty. Nevertheless, the predisposition for dry skin and basic skin level of sensitivity remain, even when no more eczema leaps or red skin areas take place.

Eczema: a vicious circle

With atopic eczema, the skin becomes more vulnerable and more permeable to irritants and irritants. The irritants penetrate more easily and can cause skin responses (such as itching, tight skin, tingling). The invading irritants in turn cause scratching which just exacerbates the condition of the skin: the skin ends up being more permeable to irritants and annoying elements – a vicious circle.

What are the reasons for eczema?

Impregnation of eczema is triggered by various triggers. For instance, many factors such as environmental impacts, allergic reactions, food intolerances or tension can trigger an increase in atopic eczema.

The most common triggers for atopic eczema are:

  • House dust, dust mites and pollen
  • Soap, cleaning agents and cleaning products
  • Tobacco and air pollution
  • Heat, sweat and very dry room air
  • Clothes from annoying fibers such as wool, synthetic materials, etc
  • Family pets
  • Psychological tension
  • Nutritional allergies
  • Bathing in the swimming pool or the sea

Exactly what are the signs of eczema?

The symptoms of eczema can be extremely demanding, particularly for children. Normal symptoms for atopic eczema are dry skin, the irritating itching and the skin rash. In addition, these signs typically take place.

Depending upon the child, other signs might be included. Simply consider itching when the kid sweats, the propensity to tear the corners of the mouth or more frequently lines on the palms and soles of the feet.

Especially frustrating for kids is the strong itching related to a break out of the condition. This typically results in sleeping disorders, but specifically in extreme scratching. For kids it is extremely challenging to suppress the itching and not to scratch. Break the viscous circle and stop the itching thanks to these excellent routines.

In addition to a particular cleaning and lipid corrective care for the atopic skin, there is now likewise a stick in the Lipikar AP + range. The stick instantly neutralizes the tendency to scratch and decreases eczema injuries. Lipikar stick AP + is a helpful pocket size that you can take anywhere. So you can reduce itching and avoid scratching at any time of the day, the new anti-itch reflex!

Combating eczema in 1-2-3!

Skin that is prone to atopic eczema has a higher requirement for a good cleansing product than regular skin when showering. The water itself is already an extra concern. This can trigger further upsets or swellings.

Attention Ladies! Read Out The Myths About Shaving

With all the info about shaving, it becomes challenging to differentiate between fable and reality. Call the misconceptions and discover the truth about shaving

The most extensive fables about shaving.

MYTHS: By shaving every day, the hair grows faster, thicker and darker

We guarantee you that hair will not grow back faster by shaving, nor will it end up being thicker or darker. The development of the hair is figured out by hereditary and hormone consider our body. Why does this myth then exist? At the moment the hair grows back, it appears thicker since it is shaved at the root. Another possible cause: underarm hair grows 50% faster than the hair on your legs. It therefore automatically grows much faster, even without shaving.

MYTHS: With a new razor blade you injured yourself faster than with a knife that has currently been utilized

Nothing is less real! By shaving yourself with an old or blunt blade you can cut quicker throughout shaving. This can also be caused by excessive pressure on a razor blade with just one blade. Are you looking for the best Venus razor blade? Discover your perfect razor blade here.

MYTHS: By putting more pressure on the blade, you shave the hairs much shorter

Wrong! By putting more pressure on the blade, you risk of cutting. Have a quality razor blade like Venus & Olaz do the work for you. Keep the blade flat against the skin and let it do its task. Do this gently for a relaxing and precise shave.

MYTHS: By shaving the very same zone a number of times, I have been shaved more efficiently

Not at all! Duplicating the very same zone over and over once again will aggravate the skin quickly. If you observe that hair is proliferating or that it is hard to shave some areas effectively, it may be time to change the blade.

MYTHS: By shaving, my tanned skin becomes light once again faster

Do not believe this old myth: it is impossible to “shave off” your brown skin. In truth, your skin tans quicker by shaving frequently, because you get rid of the upper scaling layer of skin that makes your skin color duller.

MYTHS: You do not need to shave above your knees

That is a choice that you make yourself. Do what fits you best and suits your beauty routine.

MYTHS: I can obtain my sweetheart’s razor blade

This is first and primary not extremely sanitary. You likewise have to shave a larger surface area, so if you want to make an excellent impression, do not use his razor blade. Finally, a razor blade for women is specially made to follow each of your curves.

MYTHS: A shaving cream does not need to be used, soap and water suffice and work similarly well

Shaving gel dries the skin less quickly than common soap. A shaving gel such as Satin Care consists of a lubricant to protect you against cuts. With a shaving gel you can also see where you’ve already shaved, and you’ll ignore certain areas less quickly.

MYTHS: If I am in a hurry, I can shave without water

We do not recommend this! Water is (much like shaving gel) an important element for a comfy shave. This makes the blade slide over the skin far more easily. If you remain in a rush, utilize the Venus Breeze-with its 2-in-1 shaving gel cushions you can shave in one motion.

MYTHS: By waxing with wax, there are no ingrown hairs

Even if a depilation offers you smooth legs, it can also trigger ingrown hairs. Whether you choose to depilate with wax or shave, the best method to avoid ingrown hairs is a clean and pre-scrubbed skin.

MYTHS: It is winter, so I do not go to sea: I do not shave my swimwear line for a while

Your bikini line is not simply a matter of placing on a swimwear! Even if you do not show your swimsuit line to the entire world, a perfectly shaven swimwear line is mainly a question of dignity. So do not hesitate! Feel hot all year long in your beautiful underwear set!

MYTHS: It is hard to shave your bikini line yourself

Incorrect! Forget the trouble and cost of an expert waxing and attempt it yourself. We encourage you to use a Venus razor blade with 5 blades such as the Embrace Sensitive. This way you can shave far more precisely and the threat of cuts is lowered. Do not forget to use a shaving gel for delicate skin, such as the Satin Care Pure & Delicate.

MYTHS: Shaving every day is not good for the skin

Wrong! If you have thick hair that grows quickly, you will absolutely wish to shave every day. In addition, you likewise scrub your skin with a shave and remove the dead skin cells. This makes your skin softer and more lovely. The Venus razor blades are specially established for better sliding and make your skin smooth soft.

MYTHS: It is better to shave the day prior to an unique occasion than the day itself

If you have really delicate skin, you can shave the day in the past, however with an excellent razor blade you can shave at any time and constantly delight in a soft skin. Always utilize a new blade, great deals of shaving gel and use a non-irritating moisturizer. Keep in mind: if the special occasion is a day at the seaside or at the swimming pool, you can secure your sensitive skin from irritation by shaving the day previously.

MYTHS: Your skin becomes dry and rough by shaving

On the contrary, a shave does marvels for your skin! A shave removes the dead skin cells and makes your skin smooth soft once again.

Tips For You Before Breast Augmentation

It is best to identify this with the surgeon and think thoroughly before making a decision about this.

Life time of implants with a breast augmentation

This can vary between 1 to 25 years. If you take into consideration that the quality of the current implants has enhanced a lot, one can presume that a large part of the implants can remain for a long time. We recommend that silicone breast augmentation (with or without a life time guarantee) be replaced preventively every Ten Years. The FDA in America advises that the implants be examined every 2 years (via MRI scan) for rupture. Monobloc Hydrogel implants do NOT need to be replaced preventively and do NOT have to be checked for rupture.

Recovery after a breast augmentation

This takes a few days prior to the implant has been implanted. After three weeks you can in fact do whatever again.

Always use a bra

Many individuals have had breast surgery with the aim of nicer breasts However there are more possibilities to get and keep beautiful breasts. Always crucial is constantly wearing a great bra. Definitely throughout workout, great assistance is required to keep breasts in shape.

Train your breasts.

Breasts can be trained in the gym or in your home. Request description in the health club. An exercise that you can quickly do at home is the following. Press the palms of the hands together till the chest muscles tighten. Hold the power for about 10 seconds and then unwind. You can begin repeating this exercise 4 to 5 times and slowly construct this as much as 20 times per session.

Cold water on your breasts and a great deal of swimming

Cold water ensures great circulation of blood so that the skin remains elastic and is reinforced. Provide your breasts a cold shower regularly or use a sponge with cold water. A sport that is really suitable for training the chest muscles is swimming. An extra advantage of swimming is the firming result that the cold water has on the skin.

Use hydrating creams

With a moisturizing or moisturizing cream, which you can apply with a circular movement, you also promote blood circulation in your breasts and strengthen the skin.

Think about whether you opt for comfort or purely for appearance

Be critical of which kind of prosthesis is utilized in your breast enhancement Often applied round soft prostheses and cohesive prostheses. With the cohesive breast prosthesis a natural, physiological outcome is possible with the breasts awaiting natural ways. The operation needs to take place far more precisely than with the round prostheses. The benefit of round, soft fillings is that they can be rotated, do not stand upright when you light your back and you can push it yourself. Additionally, they are cheaper and typically produce less scars.

Plan a breast enhancement.

After a breast operation you can not right away completely function. The first days after the breast augmentation you will feel that you experience heavy muscle pain. The motion of the arms can then be delicate. Throughout a period of 3 to 6 weeks after a breast enhancement it is not good to lift greatly or practice sport. In addition, it is necessary to bear in mind that prostheses can make the assessment of x-rays of breasts harder. If you have an X-ray assessment later, it readies to let you know beforehand that you have breast augmentation.

Breast lift for drooping breasts

The breast lift is meant for breasts that have begun to hang, for instance after a pregnancy or because of a substantial decrease in weight. With a breast lift, excess skin is eliminated. Scars will likewise stay noticeable in this procedure.

Old Age Warts – You Really Need To Worry

Old-age warts (verruca seborrhoica or verruca senilis) are benign, shallow skin contusions. They are very common, particularly in older people (over 50 years). They increase with age. At the age of 30, individuals typically have a few. From the age of 60 practically everyone has several old age warts. The older one gets, the more appear. Some have only a few, others have hundreds. They are much less common in individuals with pigmented skin.

How do old-age warts look like?

Old-age warts can have various shapes and colors. In the starting it is often a skin-colored, yellow-brown, gray-brown spot with a rough, velvety surface. Later they end up being thicker and larger, with a warty (cauliflower-like, bumpy, crumbly) surface. In some cases they are brown or black colored. They appear they are on top of the skin and are easy to scratch, however they are strongly connected to the skin. The typical size is 0.5 to 1 cm, but they can end up being centimeters large.

They can happen anywhere on the body, with the exception of palms and soles and lips. They are most common on the chest, the back, the face (specifically with the temples) and the neck.

Old-age warts need to not be confused with sunspots or liver areas (lentigo senilis). These are flat, uniform brown areas on the face, hands, shoulders and décolleté, locations that are most exposed to the sun.

How do old-age warts develop?

Unlike common warts brought on by a virus (the human papillomavirus or HPV) and that are extremely infectious, aging warts are not triggered by a virus and are not infectious.

It is unknowned exactly what causes old-age warts. At this moment it is assumed that over the years in some skin cells of the body a ‘weaving mistake’ (mutation) occurs so that they unexpectedly start to share faster and form a wart. Possibly there is a hereditary aspect with it, which describes why they happen more in some households.

They can occur anywhere, both on sunlight and on skin that has actually seldom been exposed to sunlight. Yet there is a suspicion that individuals who have actually been exposed to the sun in the past have a higher chance of establishing (numerous) old-age warts than others.

How are old-age warts dealt with?

Old-age warts are, as stated, innocent and should not be dealt with or eliminated. However they do not disappear on their own and they normally grow gradually. Optionally, you can have them removed for cosmetic factors, because they become so big that they end up being annoying or since they aggravate.

The dermatologist can scrape them away with a sharp spoon (curette), freeze, burn away or cut away. It is not advised to scratch the warts yourself. Injuries can establish that will infect. Treatment with ointment or other anti-wrinkles like staining liquid, wartner or wart plasters do not assist.

Old-age warts are not harmful and can not become malignant. If you are uncertain whether it is old-age warts and not a deadly skin cancer, consult your doctor or a dermatologist.

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