For many women, the buttocks are always a very sensitive subject. Most women are therefore not satisfied with their buttocks and would rather see a few sizes thinner. Yet it is not at all wrong to have nice full buttocks and thighs, in fact: it can even be good for health!

Big ass

Strong buttocks and wide hips the one likes it and the other finds it horrible. Well, you can not argue about taste, and that’s a good thing too. Even women who have a wide and full buttocks have to assume different note, for some it is a big problem and others find their bodies including their firm round buttocks fine. Research by the University of Oxford and the Harvard Medical School shows that a thick butt can protect against heart disease and diabetes.


Almost all women know: fat storage on hips and thighs burns very slowly. This is not so nice for the line but for health it is very good. The hormone adiponectin is produced by the slow burning of the fat on the hips. Adiponectin stimulates a better balance of blood sugar levels which protects against diabetes mellitus type 2.

Heart and vascular disease

Fat cells in the lower body work in a different way than the fat cells in the upper body. Due to their other effect, the bad cholesterol levels (LDL cholesterol) are reduced and the good cholesterol values ??(HDL cholesterol) increase. The extra fat around the buttocks can in this way make a positive contribution to a better cholesterol level. A high level of HDL can inhibit the development of cardiovascular diseases . In addition, hip fat would have an anti-inflammatory effect, as a result of which arteries do not clog.

Why do women have full bottom?

It is generally known that mainly women have to do with round shapes. Especially buttocks and thighs are not spared. But why do not men have this? This has everything to do with testosterone, this hormone suppresses fat storage around hips and thighs in men, men are more likely to belly fat. Women with a slightly higher testosterone content are also more likely to have fat storage around the waist.

Well-known women with full buttocks

Women with a beautiful full buttocks are increasingly appreciated. An example is Jennifer Lopez, almost everyone knows the famous j.lo buttocks . But Beyoncé should not be missing in this list, just like Kim Kardashian.

Different body types

No man is equal and this certainly applies to the physique. One has naturally narrow hips and the other wide hips, this also applies to, for example, the shoulders. The human body can be divided into 4 different types.


With an apple figure people have fat storage around the waist. Usually they have nice slim legs and narrow hips. Often an “apple” has large breasts and broad shoulders.


Someone with a peer figure has narrow shoulders and breasts are not very big. They have a nice slim waist. A “pear” is characterized mainly by broad hips and full buttocks and thighs.


Someone with an hourglass figure has a clear waist and fuller breasts. The fat is evenly distributed throughout the body. Hips and shoulders are about the same width.


An “asparagus” is characterized by few female curves and is built athletically. Are pretty slim. with narrow hips and shoulders.

Apple shape is unhealthy

People with body model “apple” should pay attention to their health. Fat around the abdomen, which is especially common in men, increases the likelihood of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. It is advisable for them to adjust the lifestyle and try to lose a few pounds.


A fat ass is healthy but overweight is and remains unhealthy. If someone naturally full of buttocks then there is nothing wrong. But when extra pounds are added, the harmful abdominal fat also increases.