Itching soften immediately? Wherever you are? It’s possible! The brand-new Lipikar anti-itch stick from La Roche-Posay is an absolute essential for anybody with a tendency to atopic eczema. The stick instantly acts on itching and enhances the signs of atopic eczema day after day.

Find out in this article how you can best treat eczema and any items can help you or your kid to live a pleasant life with eczema!

To start with: What is eczema?

Atopic eczema typically begins at a young age. Atopic eczema (likewise called constitutional eczema or neurodermatitis) is a persistent skin condition that causes severe itching. Characteristic of atopic eczema is the development of dry skin patches and skin rash that happens in the event of a break out.

The first indications typically take place around the 3rd month of life. The period of these signs varies from a couple of months to a number of years. In over half of the kids, atopic eczema improves throughout academic year. In most cases, this type of eczema simply disappears around puberty. Nevertheless, the predisposition for dry skin and basic skin level of sensitivity remain, even when no more eczema leaps or red skin areas take place.

Eczema: a vicious circle

With atopic eczema, the skin becomes more vulnerable and more permeable to irritants and irritants. The irritants penetrate more easily and can cause skin responses (such as itching, tight skin, tingling). The invading irritants in turn cause scratching which just exacerbates the condition of the skin: the skin ends up being more permeable to irritants and annoying elements – a vicious circle.

What are the reasons for eczema?

Impregnation of eczema is triggered by various triggers. For instance, many factors such as environmental impacts, allergic reactions, food intolerances or tension can trigger an increase in atopic eczema.

The most common triggers for atopic eczema are:

  • House dust, dust mites and pollen
  • Soap, cleaning agents and cleaning products
  • Tobacco and air pollution
  • Heat, sweat and very dry room air
  • Clothes from annoying fibers such as wool, synthetic materials, etc
  • Family pets
  • Psychological tension
  • Nutritional allergies
  • Bathing in the swimming pool or the sea

Exactly what are the signs of eczema?

The symptoms of eczema can be extremely demanding, particularly for children. Normal symptoms for atopic eczema are dry skin, the irritating itching and the skin rash. In addition, these signs typically take place.

Depending upon the child, other signs might be included. Simply consider itching when the kid sweats, the propensity to tear the corners of the mouth or more frequently lines on the palms and soles of the feet.

Especially frustrating for kids is the strong itching related to a break out of the condition. This typically results in sleeping disorders, but specifically in extreme scratching. For kids it is extremely challenging to suppress the itching and not to scratch. Break the viscous circle and stop the itching thanks to these excellent routines.

In addition to a particular cleaning and lipid corrective care for the atopic skin, there is now likewise a stick in the Lipikar AP + range. The stick instantly neutralizes the tendency to scratch and decreases eczema injuries. Lipikar stick AP + is a helpful pocket size that you can take anywhere. So you can reduce itching and avoid scratching at any time of the day, the new anti-itch reflex!

Combating eczema in 1-2-3!

Skin that is prone to atopic eczema has a higher requirement for a good cleansing product than regular skin when showering. The water itself is already an extra concern. This can trigger further upsets or swellings.