I would like to give you some make-up tips for bigger eyes. How can I make my eyes look bigger with make-up?

Big eyes are very nice, but unfortunately not everyone has big eyes. I would like to give you some make-up tips for bigger eyes. Actually how you can make your eye look as big as possible. Thank God there is make-up??

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Makeup tips for larger eyes # 1

Eyeshadow choice for larger eyes: White (light color) eyeshadow
Use a white or a light color, a beautiful skin tone tint eyeshadow! Apply this light color over the entire eyelid. Do not forget to turn on the inside of your eye well and also turn the inside a bit downwards. Fade the light color at the bottom along the eyelash edge. The first step for bigger eyes with make-up.

Make-up tips for larger eyes # 2

A darker eyeshadow tint to create depth.
On the outside and on your arcade arch you can put something dark to give more shape and depth to the eye. Your arcade arch is the bone you feel just above your eyelid. Set the outside of your arcade bow down to the eyelash edge. Then blend the eyeshadow nicely to the inside of your eye. So fade it with your brush. Do not forget that dark colors cause something to fall away and light colors make sure that something stands out and comes forward. Therefore it is important that the light color of eyeshadow dominates on the eyelid to create a larger effect for larger eyes.

Makeup tips for larger eyes # 3

Eyeliner for larger eyes: Turn on Kohl pencil three-quarters
For someone with small eyes, I would wear a black one kohl pencil three quarters to apply a very thin line from the outside to the inside and let the line stop in the eyelash edge. Fade it out with a thin brush, so you do not see exactly where the line stops. You can also do this at the bottom. This way you create more definition to the eye and the so-called ‘almond form’ eyes you get forward.
With a liquid eyeliner you have to ensure that you work from the outside to the inside and from thick to thin. Let the eyeliner stop in the eyelash edge. Leave the underside free, or if necessary apply a line with kohl pencil on the outside only three quarters and work it out with a brush or cotton swab so that you do not see where it stops.

Makeup tips for larger eyes # 4

Mascara for larger eyes: Curly eyelashes
Put on the mascara especially on the outside. Start on the outside and then work lightly to the inside of the eye. Really in the corner of my eye I would just tap them and not more, if this remains fairly light it looks bigger. If you do not have curly eyelashes yourself then use an eyelash curler. Curly eyelashes prevent any shadow that the eyelashes can create around the eye. This makes your eye look smaller and that is precisely not the intention.

Make-up tips for larger eyes # 5

Eyebrows for larger eyes: Put them on well and make sure they are long enough.
An eyebrow leaves an eye on its best when it has the right lengths and shape. Make sure your eyebrow on the sides is long enough and starts well at the start. You measure this by holding a brush up your nose and then you see exactly where your eyebrow should start. It starts much later, your eye will also appear smaller. Make sure your wild hairs are nicely epilated at the bottom. Messy and bushy eyebrow hair also makes the eye look smaller. Under the eyebrow you can apply a light shade of eyeshadow or a highlighter to make it look as big as possible. Visit eyebrow growth products to read all about eyebrows?

Make-up tips for larger eyes # 6

Absolute must-have: White kohl pencil for larger eyes.
The white eye pencil that I think should not be missing in your make-up bag will make your eye look bigger. The waterline that you color with the white pencil makes it look like it belongs to your whites and thus creates a larger fresh look. The simplest make-up tip for bigger eyes!

Makeup tips for larger eyes # 7

Flat skin: Apply a nice even base to your face.
– A beautiful smooth skin provides a calm appearance and can make the focus on the eyes look good. The more they come forward the more they stand out. That is what we want to achieve in the end.

Do you have other make-up tips for larger eyes that you use? I’m curious about your opinion, experiences and tips! Do not hesitate and leave them below at the comments … always nice to read!