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Tips to Grow Your Beard

It is increasingly a part of this time to grow a beard. The biggest reason why men do this is to get the taste of women. Leaving a beard is a sign of masculinity. Indirectly this also stands for a symbol of power. But how do you handle your beard if you want it to grow as quickly as possible? This takes time and patience. Regardless of whether your hair grows fast or slow, you can unfortunately not have much influence on this. This depends on your age and is genetically determined. Nevertheless, we can give you some tips to ensure that your beard hairs grow in good health. Scotch Porter , This makes a beard appear fuller and longer.


Sleep and eat enough

To make your beard grow faster, it is important that you get enough sleep, drink lots of water, eat healthily and experience as little stress as possible. What you can also do is follow a diet with as many protein products as possible. It also makes a difference if you get a lot of vitamins and minerals. However, the most important thing is that you experience as little stress as possible. Because this is not only bad for your beard growth, it can also cause hair loss. Moreover, stress causes more physical complaints.

Set realistic expectations

If you want to grow your beard, your expectations may be too high. For example, you should take into account a few days if you want to create a beginner’s beard and a few weeks before you really want to grow a beard. The beard will also itch after a few days, you have to go through this. You can greatly reduce the itch by using a good beard oil. You can also keep an eye on how your beard grows. After all, not everyone is blessed with beautiful, full beard growth. For example, if you have a few bald spots, it’s better to keep your beard short.

Work with the beard growth that you have

You must use the facial hair that you have. Because if your beard growth is not as far as you want, it does not mean that you do not have to maintain it. Therefore make sure you keep it in good shape. This way you can trim it with a good trimmer. What is also important is the fact that you keep your contours tight. This is also a trick to make your beard look a lot fuller and longer. Men’s Beard Kit

Take good care of your beard hair

It is important to keep your beard in good condition. You can achieve this by regularly treating your hair with a beard shampoo. It also helps to apply a layer of beard oil every day. Also massage the beard oil well over the skin under the beard. Because healthy skin indirectly also ensures a healthy beard. You can also occasionally visit a barber. This person can give you more tips and answer any questions. He can also recommend good care products.

Take care of your curly beard

Despite all the problems associated with a curly beard, some men still find this more attractive than a straight beard and decide to keep it. In that case it is important to mention that taking care of a curly beard can be challenging but not impossible. Equip yourself with patience and the right products and you are ready to take on the challenge. Beard shampoo, conditioner, oil and balm are indispensable to keep your curly beard clean and hydrated. This applies to all beards, but mainly to curly ones.

Curly facial hair is closer to the skin, which means that all bacteria, accumulations of oil and dirt that get stuck in your beard are also closer to your skin.

To remove all these things it is necessary that you wash a curly beard three times a week with shampoo and conditioner. Beard oil / balm should be used daily, as these will soften your beard and make it easier to tame your curly beard. Beard oil is also very useful to make your beard easier to comb or brush.

Now that we are talking about it, it is important to mention that men with a curly beard should have a qualitative beard comb and brush in their equipment of beard care products. A curly beard has, as mentioned, more tangles and knots and a good comb and brush makes it easier to remove. A beard comb with wide teeth is best for curly beards, while a brush with bristles will tame the frizzle and make it supple, without your facial hair pulled out or your skin irritated. Do not use plastic combs or normal brushes as they may damage your beard.

For the best results, you should comb your curly beard once a day and brush once or twice a day. Your beard just before you go to bed is a good way to ensure that it grows in the right direction. This may sound a bit weird at first, because you will wash the beard in the morning. But by regularly repeating this action, your beard will grow the way you want.

A curly beard can quickly become unmanageable, so trimming every three weeks helps to keep the shape and minimize the amount of split ends.

Attention Ladies! Read Out The Myths About Shaving

With all the info about shaving, it becomes challenging to differentiate between fable and reality. Call the misconceptions and discover the truth about shaving

The most extensive fables about shaving.

MYTHS: By shaving every day, the hair grows faster, thicker and darker

We guarantee you that hair will not grow back faster by shaving, nor will it end up being thicker or darker. The development of the hair is figured out by hereditary and hormone consider our body. Why does this myth then exist? At the moment the hair grows back, it appears thicker since it is shaved at the root. Another possible cause: underarm hair grows 50% faster than the hair on your legs. It therefore automatically grows much faster, even without shaving.

MYTHS: With a new razor blade you injured yourself faster than with a knife that has currently been utilized

Nothing is less real! By shaving yourself with an old or blunt blade you can cut quicker throughout shaving. This can also be caused by excessive pressure on a razor blade with just one blade. Are you looking for the best Venus razor blade? Discover your perfect razor blade here.

MYTHS: By putting more pressure on the blade, you shave the hairs much shorter

Wrong! By putting more pressure on the blade, you risk of cutting. Have a quality razor blade like Venus & Olaz do the work for you. Keep the blade flat against the skin and let it do its task. Do this gently for a relaxing and precise shave.

MYTHS: By shaving the very same zone a number of times, I have been shaved more efficiently

Not at all! Duplicating the very same zone over and over once again will aggravate the skin quickly. If you observe that hair is proliferating or that it is hard to shave some areas effectively, it may be time to change the blade.

MYTHS: By shaving, my tanned skin becomes light once again faster

Do not believe this old myth: it is impossible to “shave off” your brown skin. In truth, your skin tans quicker by shaving frequently, because you get rid of the upper scaling layer of skin that makes your skin color duller.

MYTHS: You do not need to shave above your knees

That is a choice that you make yourself. Do what fits you best and suits your beauty routine.

MYTHS: I can obtain my sweetheart’s razor blade

This is first and primary not extremely sanitary. You likewise have to shave a larger surface area, so if you want to make an excellent impression, do not use his razor blade. Finally, a razor blade for women is specially made to follow each of your curves.

MYTHS: A shaving cream does not need to be used, soap and water suffice and work similarly well

Shaving gel dries the skin less quickly than common soap. A shaving gel such as Satin Care consists of a lubricant to protect you against cuts. With a shaving gel you can also see where you’ve already shaved, and you’ll ignore certain areas less quickly.

MYTHS: If I am in a hurry, I can shave without water

We do not recommend this! Water is (much like shaving gel) an important element for a comfy shave. This makes the blade slide over the skin far more easily. If you remain in a rush, utilize the Venus Breeze-with its 2-in-1 shaving gel cushions you can shave in one motion.

MYTHS: By waxing with wax, there are no ingrown hairs

Even if a depilation offers you smooth legs, it can also trigger ingrown hairs. Whether you choose to depilate with wax or shave, the best method to avoid ingrown hairs is a clean and pre-scrubbed skin.

MYTHS: It is winter, so I do not go to sea: I do not shave my swimwear line for a while

Your bikini line is not simply a matter of placing on a swimwear! Even if you do not show your swimsuit line to the entire world, a perfectly shaven swimwear line is mainly a question of dignity. So do not hesitate! Feel hot all year long in your beautiful underwear set!

MYTHS: It is hard to shave your bikini line yourself

Incorrect! Forget the trouble and cost of an expert waxing and attempt it yourself. We encourage you to use a Venus razor blade with 5 blades such as the Embrace Sensitive. This way you can shave far more precisely and the threat of cuts is lowered. Do not forget to use a shaving gel for delicate skin, such as the Satin Care Pure & Delicate.

MYTHS: Shaving every day is not good for the skin

Wrong! If you have thick hair that grows quickly, you will absolutely wish to shave every day. In addition, you likewise scrub your skin with a shave and remove the dead skin cells. This makes your skin softer and more lovely. The Venus razor blades are specially established for better sliding and make your skin smooth soft.

MYTHS: It is better to shave the day prior to an unique occasion than the day itself

If you have really delicate skin, you can shave the day in the past, however with an excellent razor blade you can shave at any time and constantly delight in a soft skin. Always utilize a new blade, great deals of shaving gel and use a non-irritating moisturizer. Keep in mind: if the special occasion is a day at the seaside or at the swimming pool, you can secure your sensitive skin from irritation by shaving the day previously.

MYTHS: Your skin becomes dry and rough by shaving

On the contrary, a shave does marvels for your skin! A shave removes the dead skin cells and makes your skin smooth soft once again.

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