Permanent weight loss means to lose weight until you reach your goal weight and then stay at this target weight. With permanent weight loss it is very important that you have the right setting. Losing weight means that you also have to have everything in order.

Losing weight happens in the body but weight loss starts in the brain. Permanent weight loss will never be achieved if the will is not there to actually achieve this. This is also the reason that billions are spent worldwide on the physical side to lose weight, but that more and more adults and children are becoming overweight .

Achieving and maintaining your goal weight is also a mental issue
You can spend as much money on diets and gyms as you want, but you will not achieve permanent weight loss if you do not have the right mental institution to lose weight and stay on top of weight.


Losing weight is not something that happens to you. Every part of your way to lose weight you will have to plan well in advance. Looking want to lose the ways you weight that suit you best as the choice of healthy food, how you want to move, etc. Make a clear plan of how you spend your target weight to achieve and this weight would retain too. Once you have a clear schedule, do your utmost to carry out this planning.


Remember that it took a long time before you reached your current weight. Do not expect that you will quickly reach your target weight and also keep it. By drastically changing your lifestyle , you can lose weight reasonably quickly, but chances are you will not be able to keep this up for long. By gradually changing your lifestyle it takes a little longer before you reach your goal weight but in this way the chance is much higher that you stay on this target weight.


You are a human being and no human being is perfect. If you want to lose weight then that will also go to you with trial and error. Be aware of this and accept it. This will make it less difficult in the difficult periods. With the right attitude and with perseverance you will lose weight and stay on your target weight.

Think positive

If you do not believe 100% in achieving and maintaining your goal weight, you will never achieve it. It’s that simple. You have to be optimistic to achieve your goal. If you think positively and believe in yourself, you can really achieve and maintain your target weight.