Despite all the problems associated with a curly beard, some men still find this more attractive than a straight beard and decide to keep it. In that case it is important to mention that taking care of a curly beard can be challenging but not impossible. Equip yourself with patience and the right products and you are ready to take on the challenge. Beard shampoo, conditioner, oil and balm are indispensable to keep your curly beard clean and hydrated. This applies to all beards, but mainly to curly ones.

Curly facial hair is closer to the skin, which means that all bacteria, accumulations of oil and dirt that get stuck in your beard are also closer to your skin.

To remove all these things it is necessary that you wash a curly beard three times a week with shampoo and conditioner. Beard oil / balm should be used daily, as these will soften your beard and make it easier to tame your curly beard. Beard oil is also very useful to make your beard easier to comb or brush.

Now that we are talking about it, it is important to mention that men with a curly beard should have a qualitative beard comb and brush in their equipment of beard care products. A curly beard has, as mentioned, more tangles and knots and a good comb and brush makes it easier to remove. A beard comb with wide teeth is best for curly beards, while a brush with bristles will tame the frizzle and make it supple, without your facial hair pulled out or your skin irritated. Do not use plastic combs or normal brushes as they may damage your beard.

For the best results, you should comb your curly beard once a day and brush once or twice a day. Your beard just before you go to bed is a good way to ensure that it grows in the right direction. This may sound a bit weird at first, because you will wash the beard in the morning. But by regularly repeating this action, your beard will grow the way you want.

A curly beard can quickly become unmanageable, so trimming every three weeks helps to keep the shape and minimize the amount of split ends.